Featuring a new powerful LCD control pad, the YL911x Plus range of pumps provides quick setup status with finger touch controls enabling you to monitor the pump without any additional software. The YL9110 Plus Quaternary Pump also enables the highest repeatability with a more stabilized baseline when it is in the gradient condition.

Smart Control
Setting any factors or by simply pressing the Purge button, you can easily set the flow rate or solvent composition. Also, you can monitor the pressure and status of pumps.

Fully Automatic Prime
A simplified system means you only need to set the solvent composition and press Prime On button. The system automatically flows each solvent at 100% to remove bubbles or change the solvent in the flow path and then get back to the set composition rate to be ready.

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YL9110 Plus Quaternary Pump

  • Operating principle: Parallel dual-plunger pump, Low-pressure gradient
  • Number of Solvents: up to 4 solvents
  • Gradient formation: 4-channel mixing valve
  • Composition Precision: < 0.1 %
  • Composition Accuracy: < 0.5 %

YL9112 Plus Isocratic Pump

  • No mixing valve
  • Operating principle: Parallel dual-plunger pump
  • Easily upgraded to YL9110 Plus Quaternary pump

YL9111 Plus Binary Pump

  • Operating principle: Double Parallel dual-plunger pump, High-pressure gradient
  • Number of Solvents: 2

Pump Specification in Common

  • Compressibility compensation: Automatic
  • Flow range:
    • Analytical : 0.001-10 mL/min
    • Semi-prep : 0.01-50 mL/min
  • Flow rate accuracy : ≦±1 % at 1 mL/min
  • Maximum pressure
    • Analytical : 6000 psi
      • Operating range : 0-6000 psi up to 5 mL/min
      • Operating range : 0-3000 psi at 5-10 mL/mi
    • Semi-prep : 3500 psi
      • Operating range : 0-3500 psi up to 35 mL/min
      • Operating range : 0-2500 psi at 35-50 mL/mi
  • Automatic prime/purge
  • Safety & maintenance : Leak detection, Diagnostics, Error detection




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