YL9100 Plus HPLC is designed to offer a robust cost-effectiveness system via continued research and development while the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures there is no compromise on quality.

The newly improved YL9110 Plus Quaternary Pump delivers the enhanced mixing performance to provide a highly stabilized baseline by reducing noise when it comes to change the solvent composition. With automatic compressibility compensation minimizing flow rate deviation in the pump, the YL9100 Plus HPLC ensures superior RT repeatability by providing accurate and precise flow rates.

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Superior Sensitivity

  • Shielded design protects optical components from contamination.
  • Monochromator & Blazed Holographic Concave Grating ensure high sensitivity over the entire wavelength range.

Outstanding Reliability

  • Enhanced YL9101 Vacuum Degasser removes dissolved gases & air bubbles and features an integrated solvent tray for safety
  • Automatic rinse function extends pump seal life
  • YL9131 Column Compartment with Peltier cooling provides a wide temperature range from 4°C- 90°C.
  • Efficient temperature control ensures retention time reproducibility and reliable data.

Simple to use

  • The LCD control pad on the YL9110 Plus pump provides quick setup with touch screen for easy pump monitoring and control
  • Quickly set flow rate/solvent composition
  • Fully Automatic Prime Function - simply enter the solvent composition and press "Prime On" to start

Enhanced functionality

  • Fast injection and enlarged sample capacity
  • Spray rinse reduces carry-over
  • Direct injection for low sample consumption
  • High-speed data processing


  • Built-in leak sensor
  • Automatic tray sensor
  • Interior LED enables users to see functionality
  • Error detection


YL9110 Plus Quaternary Pump

  • Operating principle: Parallel dual-plunger pump, Low-pressure gradient
  • Number of Solvents: up to 4 solvents
  • Gradient formation: 4-channel mixing valve
  • Composition Precision: < 0.1 %
  • Composition Accuracy: < 0.5 %

YL9150 Plus LC Autosampler

  • Sample Capacity : Up to 120 samples (2 ml vial), 80 samples (4 ml vial)
  • Carry Over : < 0.04% with standard wash Typically < 0.02% with extra wash
  • Reproducibility : RSD < 0.3% for full loop injections RSD < 0.5% for partial loopfill injections (Injection volume > 5 μL) RSD < 1.0% for μl pick-up injections (Injection volume > 5 μL)
  • Injection Volume : 1 μL - 400 μL, with 0.1 μL increment
  • Sample Cooling : 4 °C ~ 40 °C (option)

YL9112 Plus Isocratic Pump

  • No mixing valve
  • Operating principle: Parallel dual-plunger pump
  • Easily upgraded to YL9110 Plus Quaternary pump

YL9111 Plus Binary Pump

  • Operating principle: Double Parallel dual-plunger pump, High-pressure gradient
  • Number of Solvents: 2






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